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AVS Legal Secretary (5726)

Presentation - AVS Legal Secretary (5726)

Presentation - AVS Legal Secretary (5726)


The program aims to develop the skills necessary to communicate in a legal environment such as: interacting in a legal work context and using English terminology specific to the legal field. As well as to develop the skills necessary to format and enter civil proceedings such as: filing ordinary civil proceedings, motions and entries, preparing a contested family law case and a notebook and authorities. Second, to develop the skills necessary to prepare corporate law documents for incorporation and maintenance of a business. Finally, to develop the skills necessary for the formatting and typing of notarial acts and documents in general and those relating to non-contentious matters.

Presentation of the courses

Qualities and aptitudes required for this job

Skills acquired :

  • Prepare and follow up files in corporate law
  • Prepare and follow up notarial documents
  • Produce civil procedure documents

Desired Skills :

  • Strong organizational skills and responsibility
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Good judgment and ethics

Career Opportunities :

  • Legal Administrative Assistant
  • Legal Assistant

Work environment

Upon completion of the training, graduates will be required to work in private law firms.

src="Etudiante en ASP Secrétariat Juridique au Collège Supérieur de Montréal."
src="Les étudiants exercent au sein des cabinets juridiques privés."


Holder of a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent (e.g. : attestation of equivalence of schooling) or a higher education diploma, such as a college diploma or bachelor’s degree.