Our students make our history!



The clicking of typing keys punctuated the learning of CSM students. Each year, some 3,000 companies competed for the 500 graduates of the CSM, who thus obtained a quality job…



Technology has evolved. Computer science is now at the heart of the knowledge that students from all over the world come to seek at the CSM. All our courses adequately prepare our students to work with these tools of today and tomorrow. With young people coming from different parts of the world, the CSM is also rich in different cultures that rub shoulders within its walls, and it is thus able to better meet the expectations of today’s companies doing business all over the world.



At the dawn of its 55th anniversary in 2022, the Collège Supérieur de Montréal is more than ever an important asset for employers, who are still knocking in great numbers on our door to recruit qualified staff.



The Collège Supérieur de Montréal is:

– Business-oriented programs
– A Diversity of student profiles
– Educational innovations
– A close supervision
– A large business network
– Experienced teachers