A rich history of students! A history rich in students

In 1967, the tapping of typewriters underscored the soundtrack of students learning at the CSM. Each year, some 3000 businesses vied for the 500 CSM graduates, who then moved on to vibrant careers…

In 2016, of course, technology has evolved. Information is the gateway to knowledge, and this is why students from around the world are coming to the CSM. All of our courses provide our students with the tools required to work in the world of today and tomorrow.

With students hailing from every part of the globe, the CSM is a true microcosm of world culture within the walls of one school. This means that we are especially equipped to meet the demands of companies who do business all over the world.

Today, approaching our 50 birthday in 2017, the CSM is increasingly an essential asset for the many employers who continue to rely on us in their search for competent personnel.

Welcome to the knowledge quarter… above Berr-UQAM Metro.

The CSM is :

  • Two flagship courses in Secretarial Studies and Accounting,
  • An expert teaching staff, specializing in their subject,
  • Exceptional training by teachers and students support,
  • Cutting-edge technology,
  • Well-grounded pedagog,
  • A job placement and management service, with access for life for students,
  • A business network founded on a close relationship with companies,
  • A student environment enriched by foreign students and permanent residents from around the world.

The quality of its programs and the professionalism of its teachers are the keys to the success of CSM’s graduating students as they enter the workforce. Having trained a considerable number of graduates over the course of its history, the CSM offers diplomas recommended and approved by the Ministry of Education, a support system focussed on success, along with an excellent placement service in the most sought-after fields by employers.

We offer coaching success-oriented and excellent placement service.

A scholastic environment :

  • High quality programs oriented towards student success,
  • Qualified instructors with experience in the related professional domain, chosen for their exceptional expertise and knowledge of the job market,
  • A student support policy that focuses on overcome potential difficulties and encouraging students’ path to knowledge and academic achievement,
  • Individualised support,
  • A secure environment with up-to-date technological resources.

Sont autant d’éléments qui contribuent à créer les conditions de la réussite pour tous nos diplômé(e)s

The elements that contribute to the conditions of success for graduates at the CSM:

  • access to internships and relevant jobs though a professional scholastic pathway.
  • training that meets the expectations of today’s job market.

The CSM promotes diversity, a professional ethic, and respect towards others. Students are supported from the moment of they register up until they are employed by a seasoned staff of instructors and administrators that care about the success of their students.

The CSM is particularly easy to get to, situated above Berri-UQAM metro station, and thus directly accessible from the yellow, orange and green lines. The establishment consists of 13 classrooms, an office-class (for on-the-job simulation), a study room accessible from 8 am to 6 pm, and a cafeteria. Place Dupuis, CSM’s home, is above a food-court and directly linked with the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec (BANQ). Each student has their own computer, connected to the network, along with all of the necessary updated software.

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