You’ll be cared for, from admission to employment.

During your training, you will benefit from a structured pedagogical approach with courses given in lecture form. Sometimes individually, sometimes in small groups, your understanding and assimilation of knowledge will be challenged thru various integration activities. Throughout your stay with us, you can take advantage of a classroom where you can finalise you homework or even prepare an evaluation. Furthermore, after school hours, you’ll benefit from free guidance and support from a teacher to enhance your learning.

Job Placement Service

Thousands of students have taken advantage of our Job Placement Service since 1967. It is free, offered on a lifetime basis and available to anyone who successfully completes their training !
The C.S.M. is dedicated to helping its students find good jobs. You’ll benefit from our close contacts with companies that offer internships or hire young graduates.
In order to be eligible, you must be meeting the following conditions:

  • Have successfully completed your training
  • Registered with C.S.M.’s Job Placement Service
  • Provided an up-to-date version of your Resume

Send us your resume!
If you would like us to keep a current copy of your CV on file that employers can view at any time, please complete the following form.

Loans and scholarships

Did you know that there are many personalized and confidential subsidy programs that are designed to offer financial assistance to students?

We know that paying for your studies can be a significant worry. That’s why the C.S.M. offers help in obtaining the financial resources you need. Speak with one of our advisors to learn more about the loan and scholarship programs from the Ministère de l’Éducation as well as the scholarships offered by our partners.

With the C.S.M., you’ll find people with your future in mind, offering the best professional services to each student.




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  • Lockers
  • Email address with extension
  • Emergency and health services provided
  • Study room